9 thoughts on “Baby hawks appear

    1. As I learned yesterday hanging out there for a few hours, the camera does periodically shut itself down and do some internal stuff and then reboot itself. From my memory, it’s a fairly short process . . .

  1. Thanks a lot for posting this link – it has everything – drama, romance, struggle against nature, not to mention pigeon guts. It’s addictive. Now I’ll never get my Caribbean rain climatology study done . . .

  2. Snowfall on campus was 6 inches as of 8 AM, but wet, and much of it has indeed melted. Downtown, which is ~ 130 meters lower, it didn’t even accumulate. (No shoveling for me!)

    A counter-clockwise weather system is stalling out over western NY-PA. Precipitation for several more days until it clears out. Temps near freezing at night, but should warm up a bit in the daytime.

    If you’ve got sound, you can hear the buses passing underneath.

    Good viewing right now; the parent has moved to give a view of the chick, and is rolling the remaining eggs.

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