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  1. So often as I read ‘Life: A natural history of the first four billion years of life on earth’ – although I do prefer the title Professor Fortey chose ‘Life: an unauthorized biography’, I stop to take in phrases, ideas that speak to so much that is wrong now. His scathing comment on ‘spurious objectivity’. His reminder that not all scientists have integrity. His intimate engagement with literature wherever it complements the information he is providing. His concern with reductionism and his reminder that the ‘virtual reality’ is no substitute for the real object. Objects, and books of this calibre, do have eloquence. What a pity I only found this book now. I would have it in every school library/resource centre so students can pick it up, take their time, muse on different times, appreciate the greening of the planet and in particular the sheer beauty of the opening to Chapter 6 ‘Landwards’ which moves from the loving prose to Andrew Marvell’s verse bringing us the idea of the Mind, the Ocean’ . . .
    Annihilating all that’s made
    To a green thought in a green shade’.

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