Cat opens freezer door, steals food

April 7, 2012 • 10:16 am

Okay, I couldn’t resist this, both for the cute kid and the crafty Oscar, a cat who has learned to open the freezer and steal—what else?—frozen fish sticks.

—>Video here<—

Special bonus video

A screenshot:

This behavior might have begun, as many such behaviors do, as the fortuitous result of another behavior, but it’s clearly purposeful now. Look at how Oscar uses his right rear paw to push off from the refrigerator door, giving him the leverage to open the freezer.

16 thoughts on “Cat opens freezer door, steals food

  1. That is a very clever kitteh, but the most amazing thing about that video is the nearly empty state of the freezer! Mine always looks like I’m ready for the end of the world!

    1. And how come the fish sticks are just loose in the freezer? I thought they only come in packages — but loose is easier for a cat.

  2. Very nice. I wanted to send you some photos of my F1 African Wildcat(Felis silvestris lybica) – but have not been able to find an ADDRESS for you – and so put the info. here. Use whatever pix you would like – if put on your blog .

    I do enjoy the cat-links as well as the general topic of your blog.

    In the process of doing this blog, I see that you have an entry on Felis nigripes, which is sited at the end of my blog:

  3. It looks like a trained cat to me. If you train your cat to do a trick to get a treat, you can make a cute video.

    1. I dunno. My last cat quickly learned how to open doors and was just a generic black domestic short hair. Some cat breeds are known for their acrobatics and energy so it seems likely that they would pick up tricks like this without human prompting.

    2. Yes, the fact that the fish sticks were loose in the freezer (and not frozen solid?) suggests this was scripted.

  4. My kids had two sister cats. One would open a folding door to the closet where the dry cat food was kept, and help herself. Her sister never showed any interest.

  5. The special bonus video is reprehensible. Terrifying a kitten for entertainment is inexcusable.

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