Women’s World Cup final today

July 17, 2011 • 3:59 am

The U.S. will face Japan in the FIFA Women’s World cup final today; festivities begin at 8:45 Frankfurt time (where it will be played) and 2:45 ET in the US.

If anybody knows of a free live internet or television broadcast, please put it in the comments below.  Coverage begins at 2:45 ET on ESPN, but that’s not on for the few Americans, like myself, who don’t have cable t.v.

Here are some highlights from Japan’s defeat of Sweden, 3-1, in the semifinal.

14 thoughts on “Women’s World Cup final today

  1. http://www.espn3.com

    However, it’s only available to certain internet providers, some more national and regional – such as Comcast, Cox, and Verizon – and some more local. I am not aware of the extent of the coverage, since I’ve had access to it for years, but I would imagine that it’s available to the majority of Americans on broadband.

  2. 20:45 Berlin time is correct – see FIFA.com.
    That’s actually 2:45pm Eastern, 1:45 Central.

    ESPN3.com coverage is scheduled to start at 2pm Eastern. That would be plenty for intros and ceremonies. I don’t think they’ll switch to poker after an hour as it says now on their schedule page – similar thing happened earlier this week for the semi-finals and soccer sure got the full attention.

  3. Espn3.com is usually available through college campus’ Internet connections if it’s not available thru your home one. We have no TV, and unfortunately our Internet doesn’t do the espn3, but my parents live in town and gave cable so we’ll be hauling the family over there soon! Go USA!

  4. Tough luck for the USA team but well done to Japan for pure determination. My son is jumping around the living room now, singing Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’

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