23 thoughts on “Chicago: dawn and dusk

      1. Eh, I’m a city kid, through and through. It’s not that I don’t appreciate natural beauty, it’s that I like the lights and motion of a big city.

  1. I like the morning photo the most.

    Although, as a rule I am not a morning person myself. The only way I get to see views like this is either in photos or is I am still up from the night before.

    1. So George lets you sleep in? My kittehs don’t. I haven’t used an alarm clock for over a decade. I’m generally up at 5:00 or 5:30.

      1. Haha. George isn’t mine. Mercifully.

        My last cat Trinket did think that 5am was a good time for breakfast and used to tap-dance on my head until I hauled myself out of bed to attend to his victuals.

        If I didn’t respond fast enough he would systematically push everything on my bedside table onto the floor until I moved. Evil bastard now that I think of it 🙂

        1. New kitteh Merlyn does the “push everything off the bedside table” thing too. Never had that before. The others just walk across the bed in escalating attempts at waking you up. Keeshu will meow right in my ear if I haven’t moved by 6:00. Yet they will let the Spousal Unit sleep half the morning. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.

            1. I think I must be lucky with Baihu. He just whines a bit and then lays down to take a nap.

              Of course, he uses my face for a pillow for said nap, which is really sweet and all, but makes it kind of hard to breathe….



              1. Yes, isn’t it sweet when they try to asphyxiate you in your sleep, the little darlings.

          1. Does that work with wet food? You’re being too practical, Dominic. There’s so much more that goes on in the morning besides feeding. It’s all about the ritual. There’s going out in the back yard in the pre-dawn to fill the bird feeders, and there’s petting and grooming and playing. If it was just food, they have kibble all the time if they want it.

  2. I always found the Chicago skyline to be more compelling than NYC. The views from Hyde Park can be cool.

    1. There’s a gorgeous skyline view from the Drive across part of the lake just north of where JC is. I’ll have to take a shot or two next time we’re down that way. It’s a powerful image.

  3. Thank you. I love Chicago — I grew up near there and my son lives there now. Columbus could never look like this.

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