February 6, 2011 • 1:24 pm

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4 thoughts on “plants!

  1. I think the really intresting thing here is the books you have balanced your plants on. What have you got against those poor books – they’re getting all crinkled! A couple of them look like they have library codes on them – that is VERY bad!

    1. No, those are my personal extra copies of evolution texts (now outdated) that I gave to the library years ago to put on reserve for my course. (We needed extra copies because the library had only one.) The library put stickers on them and, after the course was over, returned them to me.

      As my old man used to say, “Don’t holler before you’re hurt!”

  2. I too, noticed them. Clearly, it’s a biology text book solution to a classic physics problem.

    Problem: hot water radiators. How do you turn them down?

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