Video: Laying the egg

February 3, 2011 • 4:31 pm

In a comment on the last post about EagleCam, Diane G. reports a video of our female eagle laying her first egg.  Watch it: it’s only six minutes long, and I think the action happens at about 3:45. The egg seems remarkably small for so large a bird.

The site harboring this video also has clips of other eagle highlights, including one mating and the moment when dad first sees this egg (he doesn’t seem very thrilled).

8 thoughts on “Video: Laying the egg

  1. I got a kick out of this exchange on the running comment thread at the main site:

    Q: will we be able to see the eaglets hatch…when they do?

    A: It is hoped the camera position will be very good for viewers and will afford good views of the egg and the bobbleheads.

    Wonderful description of altricial baby birds! 😀

  2. I chuckled seeing her bend over and look between her legs right after she laid the egg. It made me think of both cartoon birds and potty-training toddlers.

    1. Mind you, it can be seen as by far the most boring and confining work. I wonder if it feels like that to them. It’s hard not to suspect at least that flying and soaring are pleasurable – as I’ve mentioned, it’s not rare to see adult eagles obviously “playing” with each other in the sky.

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