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  1. I see a clear, undeniable, irrefutably significant positive trend in this graph. Fundamentalist creationism is down, directed and pure evolution is up. Directed evolution is poised to overthrow fundamentalist creationism as the majority position for the first time, and all of this improvement is recent.

    Obviously, there is absolutely no question whatsoever that the only explanation for the positive results so eloquently revealed by this data are the publication of major and best-selling atheistic treatises by the Four Horsemen of atheism and others, and by the growth and outspoken preeminence of the “New Atheism” movement.

    Clearly, the New Atheist movement is NOT “not helping” the perception of evolution, but is indeed clearly a powerful and positive dynamic for the success of scientific evolution instruction in our schools.

    Seriously,though, you know what one can say? That this data is certainly more supportive of the success of New Atheism than the data that Chris Mooney has against the proposition.

  2. Theistic evolution is within 2 points of special creation for the first time… ever. And unguided natural selection is the highest it’s ever been.

    Small gains, admittedly, but there’s maybe some hope for this issue, if we extrapolate the lines far enough into the future… and keep up what we’re doing, so that the trends don’t reverse.

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