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  1. I wonder how much accurate this “religion percentage” is. I’m Brazilian, but living in the US for the last two years doing grad school, so I have pretty good notion of how much religion is important in these two countries. And here in the US, religion is much more part of everyday lives. I don’t have ANY friend that goes to the church on sundays. There are no discussion on whether creationism should be taught or not in schools; or whether a mosque should be built or not. Really, we don’t give a crap. I wonder if the translation of the question in various languages can distort the results. If you translate from English to Portuguese word-by-word, you’ll sound like a wacko.

    Or, maybe my impression is distorted because:

    – I come from an upper-middle-class family, which is the minority in Brazil. Maybe there is graph like this within Brazil, and I come from a unusual corner of it.

    – I’m in South Dakota right now, which might have more religious wackos than usual in the US. And this distorts my impression as well.

    What do you think?

    1. Rafael,

      I definitely do not know this for certain, but I think that your impression is distorted for the reasons you list. It seems that in America, religious wackos highly concentrated everywhere except for perhaps some larger metropolitan areas – such as L.A. and it’s suburbs – and liberal college campuses. I don’t know much about South Dakota, but since it’s in the Midwest and mostly rural, I would guess that religiosity is pretty high. It’s probably not as bad as the deep south, but highly religious nonetheless.

      I don’t know if this helps much (since I’m mostly making guesses), but I thought I’d at least try.


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