Skeletal anatomy of cartoon characters

June 17, 2010 • 7:15 am

Filmmaker James Gunn has collected on his website a number of anatomical takes of cartoon characters.  There are too many to show here, so if you like these go to for more.

The fabulous skeletal reconstructions were made by South Korean artist Hyung Koo Lee using resin, paint, and wire.  I’ve added the original cartoon images to refresh your memory.


Tweety bird ( I just realized how neotenic he is):

Felix the cat:

Donald Duck (see Gunn’s website for Huey, Dewey, and Louie) :

Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner:

And, of course, Bugs Bunny:

One more (by Jason Freeny, who has cool stuff on his website):

h/t: Stash Krod

12 thoughts on “Skeletal anatomy of cartoon characters

  1. ROTFL! I’ve seen Pac Man and Gummi Bär, but couldn’t imagine ballon animals or Lego toys. My loss!

    Hm, I wonder how an Apple skeleton looks? Or even an apple skeleton…

  2. Actually, I’m pretty sure that the skeleton you credit to Felix the Cat is Sylvester (check out the body proportions, plus there’s Tweety bird, the Road Runner and Wile Coyote). Excellent find however, these are way cool!

  3. The gummy bear seems pretty lazy (a human skeleton squashed into a gummy bear), but the rest are superb.

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