Homo floresiensis on display

April 21, 2009 • 7:52 am

Also in today’s New York Times is a piece by John Noble Wilford about the display of a skeleton of “the hobbit,” (Homo floresiensis) at Stony Brook this week.  It includes the head and much of the body (see below).  If you’ve read my book or followed this website (see here), you know that whether H. floresiensis is a real species rather than an aberrant individual is a subject of real controversy, though the latest evidence suggests it was indeed a real species.  This individual, an adult, was only three feet tall. Imagine how small that is — just put a yardstick up against your leg, with its end on the floor, to see.

Here is what’s on display (it’s actually a cast, not the real skeleton).  Look at that tiny braincase!  If you’re anywhere near Stony Brook, go have a look.hobbit-1901

H. floresiensis.  Photo from The New York Times

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